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Sumitomo Riko's Research and Development Headquarters have two laboratories – the Material Technology Research and Development Laboratories that advances the company's core technologies and the New Business Research and Development Laboratories that develops new products for the future.

Material Technology Research and Development Laboratories

The Material Technology Research and Development Laboratories develops "analysis, inspection, and evaluation technology" and "process technologies" with polymer material technology” as a base, and fosters them as core technologies of Sumitomo Riko.
The fruits of research along this axis lead to the birth of advanced technologies, which are applied to the development of new products and the evolution of existing products.

New Business Research and Development Laboratories

1. "SR" smart rubber technology

"Smart rubber", the functional rubber that Sumitomo Riko is developing, has the following three cores.

  1. High conductive rubber electrode whose resistivity changes little even when it is extended two-fold.
  2. Smart rubber sensor that can measure large deformation and / or pressure while maintaining the softness of rubber
  3. Smart rubber actuator, rubber that greatly transforms when voltage is applied.

Smart rubber elemental technology

Smart rubber elemental technology

We develop products to be flexible, a quality of smart rubber. Some examples are pressure sensors, elongation sensors, multipoint switches,pressure distribution sensor sheet, and sheet and cylindrical actuators.

Smart rubber applied products

Smart rubber applied products
1. Health and nursing care field

One feature of smart rubber is its people-friendly softness. Therefore, it fits perfectly into the health and nursing care field. We have developed smart rubber applied products such as SR Soft Vision for body pressure distribution, Active Mattress that prevents bedsores, and nursing care assistant robot.

Smart rubber applied products
2. Electronics field

When making use of the unique features of smart rubber, we can produce unprecedented electronics products. We have developed prototypes of SR speakers made entirely of rubber and next-generation mouses that allow multistage entry by changing the strength of finger pressing.

Developing functional films

Sumitomo Riko's new core technology - "Nanohybrid multilayer film forming"

We have established technology for forming nanometer-order multilayer films of precisely controlled thickness on large-area plastic films. And, based on the material and structural design of multilayer films, we have produced "Refleshine," transparent functional films for windows that have unique optical and electrical characteristics.

Refleshine product line

Refleshine product line

In addition to the TX71 high transparence solar shading film that we launched in 2010, we started marketing high transparent solar shading and heat insulating films, TW32 and TW33, in 2012, which can maintain both coolness in summer and warmness in winter.


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