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Utilization purposes of personal information

We obtain and use the personal information within the range of the following purposes. For employees’ personal information or personal information gathered by special questionnaire survey data, the relevant purposes are separately notified

[Shareholders' personal information]

We use shareholders' personal information for the following purposes.

  1. (1)For execution of rights and fulfillment of obligations in accordance with the Japanese Commercial Law
  2. (2)For provision of various facilities to shareholders as the issuing corporation
  3. (3)For implementation of various measures to maintain smooth relationship with shareholders
  4. (4)For shareholder management, including creation of shareholders’ data, according to certain standards based on various related regulations

[Customers' and partners' personal information]

We properly use customers’ and business partners’ personal information in the businesses of automotive parts, IT-related high-function resign parts, and industrial materials for the purpose of business and customer management, as well as smooth business communications and operations.

[Personal information obtained by automobile introductory campaigns]

We use purchasers’ and dealers’ personal information obtained by automobile introductory campaigns for the purpose of operating our automobile introductory campaign system and providing these information to automobile manufacturers and dealers.

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