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  1. Privacy policy

    Considering the importance of personal information and specific personal information (including individual numbers as well as data containing such numbers) in this highly sophisticated information and communications society, we will strive to adopt various measures to protect such personal data in every process of obtaining, using, providing to third parties, retaining, or disposing of the data under the following policy as part of our compliance activities.

    While we ourselves make best efforts to protect the personal information and specific personal information as one of important management activities, we, as a parent company, also instruct group member companies to maintain strict control of such important data.

    1. (1) We strictly follow “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”, “Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure” and other related laws and regulations.
    2. (2) When we request any personal information and specific personal information, we clearly indicate the purpose of use and will not use for any other purpose than the indicated one.
    3. (3) We not only carefully control any personal information and specific personal information by considering the importance, utilization purpose, and method for utilization of individual information, but also continuously improve the information management system for ensuring higher levels of data security by periodically checking the adequacy and sufficiency level of the system.
    4. (4) If any request for disclosure, correction, deletion or stop of use is made by the said person (owner of the information), we will respond to it in good faith unless it goes against any regulation.
    5. (5) We take necessary safety measures to correctly and properly handle personal information and specific personal information without allowing for leak, loss, falsification, defamation, unintended use, or any other improper handling.
    6. (6) If we outsource processing of personal information or specific personal information, we exercise proper supervision over the outsourcing company to ensure protection of such information.
    7. (7) If the data should be handled improperly, or there should be such a possibility, we will immediately inform the relevant person(s), as well as investigate the cause and prevent recurrence in good faith.
  2. Contact

    For inquiries about the private information management, please contact the following department:

    General Manager of General Affairs Dept., Sumitomo Riko Company Limited.

    Address: JP Tower Nagoya 1-1-1, Meieki, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 450-6316 Japan

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