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Our industrial hoses are playing their parts in construction machinery, factories, and building sites. Seismic isolation rubber bearings are protecting our highway overpasses, bridges, and other parts of the infrastructure network from the threat of earthquakes. Sumitomo Riko products are everywhere contributing to building of industrial infrastructure and the development of public transport. We have the top share* in Japan for anti-vibration rubber used on the trucks for the rolling stock, including for the Shinkansen, and many are also in use in other countries. We are contributing to the recovery from disasters in Japan and to the construction of facilities for the Tokyo Olympics, and to the building of infrastructure overseas, especially in developing nations.
*Estimate by Sumitomo Riko

Heavy machinery

We provide hoses that make the most of our expertise in rubber and metals that are solutions to the needs of construction machinery. The hydraulic hoses used for different types of construction machinery are made up of layers of rubber and wires to provide both resistance to pressure and flexibility. The use of special rubbers imparts resistance to weather and long-term durability.

Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic Hoses

These are used in heavy construction equipment and forklifts, with compact piping achievable due to their flexibility. They are to be found playing their part in building the infrastructure and working in logistics all around the world.
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Plant and civil engineering

These hoses can be found at construction sites and steel plants, for example. The special rubber used is a result of our material development technology, featuring excellent resistance to abrasion on the inside of the hose, and high durability. The use of our own assembly technology ensures great pressure resistance. These hoses contribute to the safety of the places they are used in.

Hydraulic Hoses

Industrial Hoses

Delivery Hoses、Shoot Hoses

They are used to convey water, mud, and concrete, and you can find them helping with construction deep underground. Over many years, they have contributed to the development of our towns and cities, being used in a variety of major projects.

Bullet train and railway rolling stocks

Sumitomo Riko's rubber products are more than a match for the requirements of infrastructure where long life and durability are required. The anti-vibration rubber for railway rolling stock reduces the vibrations from rails, are able to withstand constant vibration and harsh environmental conditions and are widely used widely in high-speed railways both in Japan and around the world.

Rubber Hoses

Anti-vibration Rubber for rolling stocks

These rubber products are installed on the trucks of Shinkansen bullet trains to greatly reduce vibration generated from the track surface. Besides bullet trains, they are also used for most railroad rolling stock in Japan. They are also widely used overseas.

Bridges, highways and railways

With an emphasis on safety from the environmental changes and disasters, we have developed rubber bearing products with excellent seismic isolation properties. We protect social infrastructure by providing "THD" seismic isolation rubber bearings of stable temperature dependence and "DRB" disc rubber bearings of high contact pressure that can be installed in smal l spaces, both new and existing bridges, in addition to super "HDR-S" high damping rubber bearings that we market as our main products.

Rubber Hoses

Disc Rubber Bearings of high contact pressure "DRB"

These seismic isolation devices are used to protect infrastructure such as elevated expressways and bridges in the event of earthquakes or other seismic events. They contribute to improvement in earthquake resistance in bridges with their effect of reducing inertia during earthquakes.

Anti-vibration Rubber for rolling stocks

Seismic isolation rubber bearings used in cold districts "THD"

These compact bearing devices are effective in tight spaces of new and existing bridges. Since urethane rubber is used in the body, the rubber material itself provides high stiffness, which enables compact bearing devices. The products are suitable for replacing bridge bearing as a measure against deterioration.

Landscape materials

We can offer products for a variety of aesthetics needs. We contribute to improving landscape and the environment with a variety of products, including the "MOLD STAR", a concrete mold with a rich variety of designs that harmonize with the natural surroundings, and buried formwork used in landslide prevention works and sheet metal restoration applications.

Panels for Refurbishment of open channels

Panels for Refurbishment of open channels

High-strength precast panels and concrete filler covering the surface of aged steel pipe sheet piles extend the life of channels and reduce life cycle costs.

Buried formwork PATWALL

Buried formwork "PATWALL"

This product has already been used in a wide variety of applications, including cave-in prevention, erosion control, and waterway restoration. Because the pieces are light, the construction can be performed with manpower, and being easy to put together and cut, they contribute to increased efficiency at the work site.


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